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Home DIY - Dollar Tree Mirror Under $20

Welcome to my very first DIY blog, for those of you who have come to visit from my youtube channel, thank you so much for all of your support in all that I do. I am really excited to bring my DIYs to a new light allowing everyone to have a more seamless DIY experience as well as a place to find all the answers to find all of the answers to the questions posted on my channel!

So as I ALWAYS say, without further ado!

Lets Get Started!


- Materials -


-Spray Paint w/primer in color Dark Steel (Home Depot-$6.88)

- Hot Glue/ Hot Glue Gun 00) (Found lying around the house-$0.

-Clear Duct Tape (Found lying around the house-$0.00)

-Painters Tape (Found lying around the house-$0.00)

- 9 Mirrors (Dollar Tree-$1.00/each)

- 2 packs of Christmas Garland (Dollar Tree-$1.00/each)

- 2 Styrofoam Boards (Dollar Tree-$1.00/each)

Grand Total: $19.88


- Step 1 -


I start off by creating the base board for all of the mirrors to attach onto, keep in mind that this step can be done with a light wooden board or cardboard as well, just make sure that the material is coarse enough to have the mirrors attach properly. Here, I am using the foam core boards due to cost, weight, and ease of use. I attached the two boards together by pushing the two boards together and securing them with a film of duck tape on both front and back.


- Step 2 -


Next I positioned the boards on the foam core board to figure out where each board would go, keep in mind there will be a gap between the end of the foam core boards and the edge of the mirrors. This is perfectly fine as it hides the foam core board better when the board is hung up on the wall.


- Step 3 -


Now that I have all the mirrors exactly where I want them to go, I can start adhering it onto the base. For my project, I decided to use a hot glue gun to adhere them onto the board. Keep in mind to use different adhesives for different materials as hot glue may not work for a different base. Make sure to keep in mind of the corners that will not touch the foam core board on the edge as you do not need to put hot glue all the way to the edge on those parts.


- Step 4 -


Once all the mirrors have been attached, Its time to start attaching the beads, I have decided to attach the beads before spray painting because I really did not like the idea of wasting a lot of spray paint due to the beads rolling around. To attach the beads, simply hot glue it right into the gap between the mirrors. This creates a nice seamless look for the final outcome.


- step 5 -


Now that everything is attached together, I am going to go ahead and reinforce everything with duck tape on the back of the mirror along the edge.


- Step 6 -


To prep everything for the spray paint, the fastest way I found was to put letter size papers on each mirror and cover the rest with painters tape.


- Step 7 -


Once everything is dry, its super easy to peel off the tape to reveal the final finished project.


- Finished -



- FAQ -


What did you use to hang it up on the wall?

I use the command hanging strip, you can find this in the link below.

Where did you get your shimmering curtains from?

I purchased those curtains from TJ Maxx, unfortunately I was not able to find a link for you guys online but will update this if I run across one : )

Did you overlap the beads when they crossed each other?

No, I cut them where they crossed over.

Where did you get your dining chairs from?

I purchased these chairs back in 2016, They do not sell these anymore however, I was able to find another set very similar to these : )

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