• NokYu Norris Chan

Home DIY - Marble Countertops

Have you ever wanted marble countertops but was not ready to drop thousands of dollars on it? I am here to tell you that you do NOT have to compromise a pretty kitchen just because you needed more time to save up for that dream countertop! In this DIY, I will show you how you can paint your very own marble countertops and even make it nice and glossy to give a more realistic look. ( the top coat is even heat resistant as a nice added bonus <3) I am not going to lie to you and tell you that this is a 15 minute project because it is not. Perfection takes time and I promise that if you follow my step-by-step to the T, it will be so worth it!

So without further ado,

Lets Get Started!


- Materials -


Home Depot:

- Rustoleum Countertop paint $19.98

- 3 Super Glaze Epoxy Resin -$24.98

- Oil Based Paint Thinner - $4.98

- wooden Mixing Sticks - FREE


- Sea Sponge for painting - $5.69 (without coupon, be sure to use their coupons from your phone in store !... with 40% off it it $3.41)

Things I Had Laying around the house :

- Left over Rustoleum paint - FREE

-Painters Tape - FREE

-Small Paint brush - FREE

-Plastic Cups - FREE

-Newspapers for protecting floor - FREE

-Super Fine Glitter - FREE

Grand Total : $103.31

Purchasing All New Products: Approximately $155.00


- Warning -


Just a friendly warning to make sure to be very generous with the Epoxy. Here is a practice round I completed on a side table that I do not use and you can see here that if you do not put enough epoxy on the countertops you will end up with these HIDEOUS CRATERS!!!


- Step 1 -


To Start this project off, It is very important to make sure we remove all items from the countertop and also to make sure to give it a nice deep cleaning. Remove all dirt as well as any oil build up as that will affect how the application for the paint and epoxy on top.

*Keep in mind that I already had the dark grey countertop paint on my laminate countertops so I did not need to paint it into that base color first, but if you have any other colors you may want to paint it a dark grey first.*